Eddie Fuentes

Former pool hustler and Oakland vice cop, dealing with a notable lack of impulse control and an epic run of bad luck

Shanna Black

Drug lawyer in the crosshairs of a DEA investigation who sees Eddie as part of her exit strategy.

Darryl Waters

DEA Agent with a taste for the finer things in life—part of a task force trying to take down the Doctor

Russell George

Chairman of the Mynot Tribe. Media savvy casino promoter and childhood buddy of Eddie Fuentes

Philip K. Doctor “The Doctor”

A legend of the drug trade, struggling with change—legalization, globalization, and knotty personnel problems.

Roger Bachman

A lawyer, the Doctor’s former lover, and Shanna’s former boss, now vanished

Lon Odom

The Doctor’s enforcer. A trained killer. A man with a simple answer to all life’s questions.

Billy Odom

Lon Odom’s brother, a log trucker and wannabe outlaw. Out for revenge against Eddie Fuentes

Mama Odom

Lon and Billy’s Mom, implicated, but not charged, in the death of her late husband

Wayne Mehana

The Doctor’s drop man and chauffeur, knowledgeable in martial arts

Harriman Saul

New York financier and corporate liquidator, owner of West Coast Lumber Company. “This is America, which means everything’s for sale—at a price.”

Dick Duncan

President of West Coast Lumber, using unique methods to cope with a life of corporate frustration

Walt Hellman

Head of Security for West Coast Lumber. “In the night, he goes in the basement and plays with his guns”.

Norville Petty

Redwood County Sheriff, targeted in a public corruption probe. “If you don’t want to pay the bribe, go ahead and call the cops.”

Lana Janich

A pirate girl waitress at the Wharf Rat Bar. Every log trucker’s dream.

Danny Villa

Billy’s high school buddy; a logger, sexually involved with Lucia Hellman

Lucia Hellman

Walt’s sexy young internet bride from Barranquilla, Colombia

Eric Ross

Northwest Regional Coordinator for the Eco-Resistance Coalition. A master of “situational ethics”.

Rhonda “Murrelet” Myers

Environmental activist, struggling author and bird impersonator

Ike Rampas

The Doctor’s garden manager. The “Rembrandt of Reefer”

Sarah Breckinridge

U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California, Michelle’s
boss, desperate to make headlines

Michelle Thomas

Assistant U.S. Attorney, supervising Darryl on the task force. A single mom with definite opinions

James G. Kennan

Governor of California. Shanna’s former boss—and sex partner-when he was Attorney General